Our facilitators

Bob Cother

The Action Learning Institute

Bob is co-founder of the Action Learning Institute and creator of the award-winning Lean Action Learning program. Bob has extensive experience in socio-technical systems and adult education.

Genevieve Cother

The Action Learning Institute

Genevieve is an industrial designer and Master of Sustainable Design with experience in a range of contexts, including manufacturing, management systems and education.

Dan Moriarty

The Action Learning Institute

Dan is an industrial engineer with some 25 years experience assisting organisations to improve their productivity. Dan specialises in applying action learning for organisational development and business culture change.

Ian Harris

The Action Learning Institute

A former Operations Manager with a trade background, Ian has proven business improvement experience, with a ‘hands on’ approach and the ability to get the best out of people, safely, by coaching and developing teams.


Bill Woodworth

Bell Bay Aluminium

Bill Woodworth is Business Improvement Specialist at Bell Bay Aluminium. In this role, he facilitates action learning throughout the Bell Bay Aluminium organisation and across their supply chain.

Roxanne Chugg

Excellent Outcomes

Roxanne is a Facilitator, Trainer and Assessor, Auditor, Advisor and business improvement professional with more than 24 years experience working with Australian organisations and clients to assist them to improve their Planning – People – Processes – Performance.

Les Souster

Just Lean Associates

Les is a Supply Chain professional with a passion and commitment for Lean principles and customer service with 40+ years’ experience working in the fast moving consumer goods (FMGC) field, primarily in the beer, soft drink and milk/juice fields.


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