About us

BALT participants, past and present, gathered together with guests from a diverse range of industries at the Tramsheds in Launceston. Image courtesy Rob Burnett Images

The Action Learning Institute (ALI) is an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO Provider 40676) and the first education institution in the world to deliver nationally recognised qualifications entirely through action learning. This is made possible through unique assessment methods using proprietary software, which maps evidence of competency from collaborative cloud-based platforms to performance criteria in the Australian VET Framework.

Based in Adelaide and Launceston, ALI is owned by Cother Consulting Pty Ltd, a family-owned and operated Australian company. The company engages a team of facilitators across Australia.

"Enhance performance, develop and assess competencies, and advance regional learning economies."

Our Mission

ALI has designed action learning programs for a wide range of contexts. Our design process involves a high level of stakeholder consultation and is centred around the ‘wicked’ problems or opportunities under focus. We believe strongly that the central philosophy of action learning should be upheld, that is, we endeavour to design action learning models that allow the facilitator to progressively ‘step back’ and promote greater self-direction. We draw on the experience of a broad community of practitioners, both in Australia and internationally, for new approaches and critical analysis of our own practice.


ALI has been instrumental in establishing Business Action Learning Tasmania, a not-for-profit company and registered charity established for the purpose of advancing education through action learning programs in industry, community and education institutions. BALT emerged from a cluster of businesses learning with and from each other through our award-winning Lean Action Learning program.

"All learning is recognised."

Our Vision

Casual portrait of a business woman using technology in a bright and sunny startup with the team in the background


There are a number of schools of thought on action learning facilitation. We subscribe to Revans’ philosophy, as described by Pedler and Abbott (2013), which presents the facilitator in three roles: Accoucheur, Set Advisor and Organisational development.

Learn about these three roles and meet our facilitation team.



myLearningMapTM is proprietary software, wholly owned by The Action Learning Institute, and built specifically to support competency-based assessment of learning. myLearningMap uses evidence collected during learning activities, and the outcomes of learning activities, linked directly to relevant performance criteria for real-time assessment of demonstrated competency.